Know what you need to communicate, but can’t find the words? That’s where I come in.

I’m Rachel Alt and I help people and businesses find the words they need.


What experience do I have?

My Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media) helped me gain access to the industry when I first started out.

To keep my skills current I’ve done a shed-load of courses in writing, editing, sub-editing, proofreading and PR in Sydney and London. Nothing says ‘I love editing’ like spending sweltering Sydney summer weekends in NSW Writers’ Centre learning proofreading marks!

As a total word nerd, I also completed a Master of Arts in Creative Non-Fiction.

I’ve worked as a freelance editor and sub-editor. My food and travel writing has been published in local and international press.

In addition to freelance work, I’ve been in corporate marketing, in-house communication and creative agency roles for twenty years. I’ve helped develop and sell creative copywriting solutions for a wide range of businesses – from credit cards to doughnuts, package holidays and soft drinks.

I’m based in Sydney, spend a lot of time in Byron Bay and a few months a year travelling. Oh, and I am addicted to Arnott’s Mint Slice biscuits and HBO’s ‘Outlander’.

How I can help

No matter what you have to sell, telling your story in inspiring, plain English is essential. I can help.

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