Do you need to build loyalty and trust with your customers, or need marketing materials to drive sales? Do you have copy written, but want to make it as clear as possible?

How I can help

I can help you wrangle your existing copy, or write what you need from scratch.

It doesn’t matter how formal or informal your business brand is, I write copy which fits. I’ve written for all types of people – from farmers to inner-city foodies, mum-and-dad bank customers and aspiring accountants.

My rate

I charge hourly rates for each of the following services:

  • writing custom blog posts, profiles, interviews, biographies, speeches, eBooks, articles and case studies
  • copywriting emails, brochures, product descriptions, video scripts, web pages, press releases, flyers and any other sales and marketing materials
  • editing existing writing for effectiveness, structure, flow, clarity, direction, logic, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

How it works

Once we have agreed on the project scope, I’ll provide an estimate which includes:

  • brief (initial emails + a phone call to discuss what you need)
  • estimate for approval
  • first draft (email from me + phone call)
  • second draft
  • final, proofread version.

And if we need any more time, I will provide an additional estimate. Because no-one like surprises unless it’s cake or flowers, right?

A 50% deposit will get the work started. I accept payment via direct deposit (Australia only) and PayPal (rest of the world). Final invoices are issued with the final version of the content. Payment terms are 7 days.

I work in MSWord and track feedback, changes and questions on each draft.

Turnaround time

I generally work on a two-week turnaround. This includes a week for initial brief, estimate and first draft, then another week for tweaking, second draft and final delivery.

Let's connect.

No matter what you have to sell, telling your story in inspiring, plain English is essential. I can help.

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